Saturday, January 03, 2004

I had to go to the dentist today. I hate the dentist. Not my dentist personally, I like him. He's awesome. His name is Dr. Grabman (haha) and I've been going there since whenever it was my teeth came in. I just hate the evil dental assistants who scrape at my teeth and gums with sharp metal objects. Yeeech, it's like fingers on a blackboard.

My aunt's Lab had puppies today. Actually, for all I know, she may still be having them. So far she's had six and they're all yellow. So cute.

Tomorrow we're celebrating my sister's birthday. Which is cool, I guess, but she's been acting like such a bitch today and I'm like "way to act like a dickface on your birthday and make everyone hate you, can't wait to celebrate."

Whatever. At least we're seeing a good movie (Lord of the Rings) and eating at my favorite Italian restaurant.

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