Sunday, January 04, 2004

I just watched Old School. I heart that movie.

I also went and saw Return of the King again with my family. I'm not even that big of a fan, but the movie was still entertaining. Afterwards we went to an Italian restaurant which shall remain nameless since the hostesses there were incompetent bitches.

We called ahead and they said it'd be an hour wait. So we waited an hour. When the hour was up, we went to stand by the hostess area. They told us it'd be another five minutes. Fifteen minutes later, we watched a party the size of ours get seated that had called ahead half an hour after we had. My parents asked why and this is when the hostess figured out that we were a party of four. Apparently she had written down that we were a party of four, but the four looked like a seven so she was waiting for a big table to open up. Because she is a dumbass. And she acted like we were bothering her. We waited an extra 45 minutes for a table because the stupid bitch couldn't read her own handwriting.

The rest of the meal was excellent, though. The restaurant paid for our appetizer, dessert, and bottle of wine. The waitress even told us that they've gotten lots of complaints about these particular hostesses because they don't know how to handle things when it gets busy. Um, I have an idea. Fire them! They're costing you money.

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