Monday, January 26, 2004

SNOW DAY! Ok, not really, because Wittenberg sucks and because it's a private university feels the need to never cancel classes even though every school district in a 50 mile radius is closed. Not to mention the fact that most professors live off campus so they still have to drive on the bad roads. Plus, Wittenberg's campus has hills. Lots of them. Steep ones. Covered in ice. My housemate fell on the way to class today and messed up her knee. I, however, declared my own damn snow day and slept in. Fuck you, Wittenberg and your damn icy sidewalks.

I love snow and everything, just not when I have to function normally in it. It's fine if I want to go sledding or get in a snowball fight, but cleaning off my car and braving the icy tundra on the way to class? Not my idea of a good time. This is why, when I get a real job somewhere, I hope it's somewhere warm. Some place where it never snows. And if it does, it's only like half an inch and people freak out and everything gets cancelled anyway because, in that warm place, snow is a sign of the apocalypse. Sweet.

We had rush last week. For those of you who are not of the Greek persuasion, that's when sororities and fraternities recruit new members. It's a long and exhausting process and frankly, I'm glad it's over. Although, it was the last time I'll ever get to do it so the last party was kind of bittersweet. We seniors more than made up for on Bid Night (this is when the new members spend the night at their new house; or wherever they pledged). It's tradition in our house that while the underclassmen have to stay in the sorority house all night, the seniors get to leave at midnight and, basically, get really drunk. Which we did. We stayed at the house across the street (where some of the senior girls live) until about 3 AM, playing a wicked game of I Never. And I learned a LOT about my sisters that I would have never suspected, even though I've played I Never with these girls for three years now. Then a group of us when to one of the fraternity houses. We played Foosball, pool, and beer pong til about 6 in the morning, at which point we ventured back to the sorority house to get some food and wake everyone up. At some point (and I'm still not really sure how this happened) I had a swim cap on and was riding around on someone's bike inside the house. We took pictures of all this with cameras we found in varous places around the house, so a few people are going to be surprised when they get their film developed.

All in all, a great weekend, even though yesterday I didn't get up til 3:30, and I was very useless for the entire day. Good times.

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