Thursday, January 29, 2004

Sometimes I feel like I have a lot of pent up hostility and I worry that at some point it's going to explode everywhere. Or I'm going to release it at the wrong person. Or at the right person, but in the wrong amount.

Whatever. I just remembered that the deadline for submissions to the Spectrum (Wittenberg's non-fiction magazine) is tomorrow, so I'm trying to get everything ready to send. I've had this story ready to go since the end of last semester. Way to wait to the last minute, Jennie. Awesome.

It's snowing still, and it's been snowing pretty hard for a couple of hours, so even though I know Wittenberg will never cancel classes (unless, ironically, hell should freeze over), I'm hoping some of my profs won't make it to campus. Not that I want them to get in an accident or something, I just want them to see that there's lots of pretty snow and it's much too dangerous to venture out in. That's all.

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