Monday, February 19, 2007

As they say in my country . . . homina homina homina

For my third half-assed entry of the day . . . Conversations With My Roommate!

Heidi: The fat girl inside of me wants to eat everything in the fridge.
Me: Really? Cause the fat girl inside of me wanted to go to Penn Station earlier.
Heidi: Mmm.
Me: But we have leftover pasta.
Heidi: And salad.
Me: And we need to eat that before it goes bad.
Heidi: Right.
Me: Garlic bread, too. Which we also need to eat before it goes bad.
Heidi: Right.
Me: Right.
Heidi: Wanna have wine with dinner?
Me: Well, yeah, cause we need to drink it before it goes bad.

also . . .

Heidi: What are you listening to?
Me: The Shins.
Heidi: It's weird.
Me: You're weird!
Heidi: Your face is weird!
Me: I know!

I need to work on my comebacks, I think.

oh and also . . .

Me: Heidi! I'm drunk again!
Heidi: Me too, I think.
Me: We have got to stop getting accidentally drunk in the middle of the week.
Heidi: It isn't even the middle of the week yet.
Me: God. So. One more episode of How I Met Your Mother and then we get ready for the gym right?
Heidi: OK.
Me: That should be enough time . . .
Heidi: For the wine to wear off?
Me: Exactly.

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