Friday, February 23, 2007

Why is this so hard? That’s what she said. Oh my god. What am I saying?

I think my early week happy high is wearing off. I feel pretty blah today. I jumped through all the necessary hoops this week . . . I accepted the new job, turned in my letter, told my boss, and now I'm just waiting. I'm not good with the waiting. Instant gratification is really the only way to go. It's weird, though, on Monday I was in a GREAT mood and today I'm all blah. It's like Monday is Friday and Friday is Monday and WHAT KIND OF CRAZY WORMHOLE HAVE I FALLEN INTO?

Last night, Heidi and I accidentally drank a bottle of wine. I say accidentally, but it was pretty premeditated.

At dinner . . .

Me: Do we still have beer in the fridge at home?
Heidi: Yes.
Me: Good, because I need a drink. It was a loooong day.
Heidi: Yeah. Don't worry, we have a whole drawer full.
Me: It may take that much.
Heidi: We could get a bottle of wine.
Me: OK, let's do that.

Later . . .

Me: Whoa! Not much wine left in the bottle!
Heidi: That's why I used the big glasses.
Me: Well, if that's all that is left, we might as well just finish it.
Heidi: Exactly.

TO BE FAIR, yesterday was the day I told my boss I was quitting and then he spent twenty minutes trying to talk me out of it and throwing more money at me and telling me I was making the wrong decision blah blah blah. Also, last night Meredith Grey almost died. That occasion calls for wine (whether it is to cope with the grieving or for celebratory purposes, I'll leave up to you). Heidi told me I was cold-hearted because I said I didn't care if she died. FIRST OF ALL, everyone knows I am cold-hearted. My mom said the reason my favorite character on Grey's Anatomy is Christina is because we are both cold-hearted and emotionally stunted. Or something like that. It was a long time ago so I don't remember the exact words but I think that was the gist. Anyway, I wasn't that worried about Meredith dying because A) she is the main character so they weren't going to kill her off because when shows do that? They end up sucking. See: The X-Files, ER, The X-Files again, and . . . how many times did Mulder die? I have completely lost track of my point so let's move on, shall we? AND B) if they DID kill her off, I wouldn't have to listen to her gravelly-voiced whining anymore.

To be honest? I am much more worried about one Mr. Jim Halpert. I do believe Roy may try and mess up his pretty face and Jim Halpert is a lover, not a fighter. I hope he is also a fast runner.

I know it's just a TV show leave me alone!

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