Monday, October 01, 2007

greetings, good gentles

You guys know how I'm not very smart, right? (If not, see: rest of blog.) Yesterday, we went to the Renaissance Festival and I forgot to wear sunscreen because CLEARLY it was almost October! Who gets sunburnt in almost-October? This kid, that's who. It's not like I'm medium well or anything, more like rare. Just a little pink. I have no idea what I'm saying.

Anyway, my life is now complete because I have seen a RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL WEDDING. Or at least part of one. OK, really just the end. But whatever, close enough. I hope I didn't ruin their day by trailing along after the wedding party taking pictures of them on their way to the reception hall, but really I don't care. No joke.

You know what else isn't a good idea? Drinking a bunch of beer out in the hot, hot heat. I did have some chicken fingers, curly fries and like one sip of Heidi's water, though. That ALMOST balanced out all the beer. You'd think after walking around in the sun drinking all day, I would have been able to sleep last night, but you'd be wrong. Because my body or my brain or both hate me and want me to wake up at least 87 times a night OR NOT FALL ASLEEP AT ALL. Also? Everyone in the complex has their windows open and last night some stupid baby was crying so loud for like . . . EVER and I swear to the little baby Jesus that at one point I heard its mom yell, "SHUT UP!" and I don't blame her one bit because SERIOUSLY BABY SHUT UP.

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