Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm hellaciously upset, Marc

So you guys know how I talk a lot of nonsense, right? Well, I talk a lot of nonsense. True story. Why, just this morning Heidi asked me if I fell and hit my head because I was talking CRAZY. I really wasn't, though, I was just quoting The Office HOW IS THAT CRAZY I'D LIKE TO KNOW.

Anyway, when we were at the Renaissance Festival the other weekend, we were walking around looking for a bathroom or something and this was after I'd had a couple of beers but before I'd had anything to eat, so I start rambling on and on about some movie I watched when I was a kid and I believe it went a little something like this:

Did you guys ever see that movie where the kid goes bald? And he makes this concoction out of peanut butter and all this other crap and rubs it on his head? But he uses too much of something and it makes his hair grow crazy fast? OK, and then? Since his hair is growing so fast, some evil dude kidnaps him so they can use his crazy fast growing hair to make magic paintbrushes. But then he might have gone bald again. I'm not sure why he was bald, but I think at one point he tried to superglue a wig to his head. Why are you guys looking at me like that? Didn't you ever watch that movie?

They so did not believe that this was a real movie, but thanks to the power of Google, I can tell you that IT IS a real movie and it's called The Peanut Butter Solution . And now I really want to see it. And I also want a peanut butter sandwich.

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