Friday, October 05, 2007

"Ay! Dios mio!"

is what I said last night after the previews for next week's Ugly Betty. And then Heidi made fun of me. STORY OF MY LIFE.

So tonight was supposed to be the Spoon concert. Sad face. Can we have a moment of silence?

Thank you. Heidi offered to lip sync and dance along to a Spoon CD so I would feel better about missing the concert, which was very nice of her, but I declined. I mean, to be honest, it certainly wasn't a SMART idea to plan on going to a concert tonight since we have to get up early tomorrow and drive to Cleveland for a wedding. Yes, another one. My friends? They need to stop it with the matrimony. I realize you get a lot of presents but stop being so greedy. Geez. Heh. Presents . . . that's why people get married, right? I can't think of any other reason.

The bride-to-be is my friend Leah from Wittenberg and she's marrying a rocket scientist. For serious. He works for NASA. WITH ROCKETS. He's also a DJ. A rocket scientist DJ. This may be the best wedding ever. I promise to take lots of pictures. I hope there are rockets there.

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