Monday, March 22, 2004

I just found out we're going to watch West Side Story in my Latino Lit class. I'm very excited. I heart that movie. I just hope Stiffie can keep a straight face during the "Tony! Tony! Tony!" parts. Hee.

It's quite cold outside. I saw icicles on one of the buildings. Icicles (which I was spelling icecicles before I got out the dictionary . . . English major, what?) in March are just plain wrong. It's getting to the point where I'm about to start wearing t-shirts and sandals out of spite, even if it's only 30 degrees and my toes start turning blue and falling off.

Since it's so cold, I've been thinking about the beach a lot. I have a free plane ticket from all of our airline mishaps before break and I really want to use it to go somewhere nice, but I'd like to go somewhere I've never gone before. Anyone have any ideas?

Actually, screw flying. Who wants to jump in the car and drive down to Florida right now? We don't need a hotel, we can just sleep on the beach and shower in those little hose thingies they have next to the beach so you can wash the sand and salt off of yourself.

I think this plan makes perfect sense.

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