Thursday, March 25, 2004

Wow. I feel like crap. Who would have thought drinking wine, then rum, then beer wouldn't end well? Luckily, I'm done with class for the day so I can pretty much sit around for the rest of the night. And do homework, too, of course.

My senior seminar class today was really funny. We were talking about this story one guy wrote about these junior high boys, and two of the boys dare the other boy to take a crap on the girls bathroom floor. So, he does it, of course, because he's both a boy and in junior high. The teacher catches him after he does it and makes him pick the piece of crap up with his bare hands. So, the kid does it, then yells, "You're a real shithead!" and throws the piece of poop at the teacher and it hits him in the face.

You'd have thought we were all in elementary school, rather than seniors in college, because every time someone would say poop or turd or read the best line in the story, when the teacher says, "Holy shit, Morris, did you just take a crap on the floor," we'd all start giggling. Even now, when I think of that line, I want to laugh hysterically. Poop. Hee. I'm 5.

I think it's time to go lie down for a while. Last night was fun, but I'm paying for it today. After the Delt ceremony we went to their house for some wine and cheese. The wine, unfortunately, came out of a box. At some point we came back to our apartment to do a shot of the rum I brought back from Grand Cayman, and then we went back to the Delt house. We stayed there til pretty much everyone had left, and then we went to the bar for about an hour. It was kind of strange because we don't usually go on Wednesdays anymore, and there was a whole different group of people there. On the way back to the house later, I found a lighter sitting on a step and it says "McHurry's" on it. McHurry's is the McMurray's drive thru. I remember I kept saying it was my Holy Grail, whatever the hell that means. I'm such a tool. At the house, I ate chimichangas (chicken chime change! oh wait, no one gets that. Never mind) and I smeared sour cream all over them. Which is very odd, because I never eat sour cream. I thought I didn't like it. Apparently I was wrong. So, I learned something last night. Whoohoo!

Sorry if none of this makes sense. I'm really ADD right now. So I'm gonna go take a nap and maybe later -- oooh, something shiny!

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