Monday, March 01, 2004

Ok, so Mondays are usually bad enough, but does it have to be all cloudy and rainy today? I don't think so.

So. The Oscars. As much as I loved Return of the King and thought they deserved lots of awards and everything, it gets kind of boring watching the same people go up to the stage and talk for a long time. Especially that lady with the birdnest hair. And Peter Jackson, DUDE, get a freaking haircut. You have like 5 gazillion dollars. I think you can afford it.

I thought it was really funny that all the hobbits sat together and didn't have dates. And when everyone went up to accept the Best Picture Oscar, they all stood together and they were so tiny. They're adorable. I want to adopt them. One question, though . . . where the hell were Orlando and Viggo? Are they having a secret love affair? Maybe they were watching the show from some hotel room in New Zealand because they were mad that they weren't nominated for anything, so instead they ordered a lot of chocolate and champagne, and they took bubble baths, and then they passed out in fluffy bathrobes watching their special directors cut Lord of the Rings DVD.

Do you see what goes on inside my head? Just be glad I don't share more often.

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