Friday, January 13, 2006

Dear Ohio, you are a cold-hearted bitch and I hope you burn in hell

Sigh. Ohio is such a tease. Yesterday was quite possibly the most beautiful January day outside of somewhere like Hawaii, where beautiful days are like . . . I don't know. Fruit flies. You know. Because there are a lot of fruit flies? And a lot of beautiful days? In Hawaii?

Ohio is another case entirely, especially during the cold, bitter months of December, January, February, oh yes, and sometimes March. And April. Let us not forget that last year when I moved into my apartment it snowed like crazy all day and it was APRIL FREAKING 20TH. Snow and April should not go together like peas and carrots or Forrest Gump and Jenny (not me).

Anyway. So yesterday, right? Beautiful. The temperature may not have been quite 60 degrees, but it was so close, practically kissing and lying on top of 60 degrees, that it did not even matter. The sun was out, a slight breeze was blowing, and I got to enjoy it for about 5 minutes on the way too and back from lunch. Again, I say SIGH. If only, I thought, this day had come one day earlier or one day later, I would be off work at a reasonable enough time to enjoy it. But alas, I was trapped, held captive at work until after 7. Not to abuse the word, but sigh.

Today, I walked out of my apartment wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a fleece, and was surprised when the warm air caressed my cheek. Warm air is very flirtatious. My stomach did an excited flip-flop because today, magically, I get off work early. I was already planning my first trip of the year to Cox Arboretum. When suddenly, ever so cruelly, the skies opened and rain came pouring down. The weatherman came on the radio at that very moment to tell me that, no, Jennie, you will not be going on a pleasant hike this afternoon. Instead, you will try to run errands without getting soaking wet and looking like a drowned corpse. Good luck with that.

Oh, Ohio. You skank.

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