Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mr Darcy is the hit of my pants (one person will get that)

I saw Pride and Prejudice last night. Yeah. I can’t make up my mind about it. I suppose I liked this version, but let’s face it. It just can’t compare to the miniseries, at least in my mind. I know it’s hard to squeeze six hours (or 300 pages) of material into two, but it seemed like things moved much too quickly. It probably doesn’t help that I can recite most of the lines to the miniseries along with it because I have seen it an embarrassing number of times. Or maybe I’ve read the book too many times, but really? Can you read the book too many times? As soon as I got back from the movie I pulled it off of my shelf to start reading again. It’s my Once-a-Year book. Ok, one of them.

Anyway, I thought almost everyone was really good in this version, and I was very skeptical when I heard Kiera Knightley was playing Elizabeth. But here it is. Every time Mr. Darcy appeared on screen, I couldn’t help thinking, “Hey! You’re not Colin Firth!”*

Although, at the end? When Mr. Not Colin Firth is walking through the fog and the music is swelling and he looks all disheveled and in luuuuuurve? Yeah. I’d hit that.**

*Amy, am I right?
**My parents are so proud right now.

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