Friday, January 06, 2006

If Kat can write about dreams and make it sound interesting, then maybe I'm wrong (which is very rare) (ha!)

I dreamt about you last night. And that hardly ever happens. Not lately. We were on a boat and I was seasick, even though I never get seasick. You stood behind me as I threw up into the water, patting my back through the most violent spasms. You then led me to sit down, tenderly wiping my face clean with a towel, and brought me a glass of water.

I apologized. You shook your head. Asked me if I was feeling better. I nodded.

The hard bench I was sitting on turned into a bed, the magic of dreams, and I rested on my side, arms crossed over my ailing stomach. You stretched out beside me, big spoon, little spoon, and we fell asleep holding hands.

I promise, the next time we see each other I won't be vomiting. But thanks for holding my hair back.

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