Friday, December 08, 2006

It's vodka, you know. It goes bad once it's opened.

I would like you to meet my new best friend, Tiny Carton of Wine, little sister of Wine In a Bag In a Box and white trash cousin of Bottle of Wine:

I was at Kroger earlier buying something for dinner and I really wanted a glass (or two) of wine because it has been a long, hard week and it's not even over yet. Not fair! I didn't want to buy an entire bottle, though, because I was by myself and god knows if you open a bottle of wine by yourself one of two things happens. ONE, you only drink a couple glasses and a week later end up throwing the rest of it away because it tastes like toilet cleaner (I'm assuming) or TWO, you finish it all. Since I have to work tomorrow, TWO wasn't an option and the thought of dumping alcohol down the kitchen sink filled me with terror and seething rage because that goes against EVERYTHING I STAND FOR. So, you see? Tiny White Trash Cousin of Bottle of Wine is perfect. Drink what you want and screw the lid back on for later. It would probably even fit in my purse not that I would do that I'M JUST SAYING it would probably fit. The end.

You may notice some items of interest (?) in the background of this picture. THOSE ITEMS BEING the picture of Dora the Explorer made for me by a patient (yeah), our cheapo Target Napoleon Dynamite refridgerator pieces of crap, and OK that's really it unless you're interested in the chip clip. Although, I don't know why you would be. It's not like the chip clip has been on some grand adventure like the toaster. Brave Little Toaster? Anyone? Oh, COME ON!

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