Thursday, December 21, 2006

sick, send Christmas cookies*

I'm sick. Cough. Not throwing up sick, thank god, but snotty-coughy-sneezy-sore-throat-voice-like-Kathleen Turner sick, which is not fun either. I think I have a fever, but I'm not sure because, although I am a grown up adult type person, I do not own a thermometer. I think I slept for twelve hours last night and yet I still have dark circles under my eyes and actually kind of look like I've been hit by a truck and then run over by a little kid on a tricycle a few times for good measure. I'm sorry if that made no sense. NO I'M NOT. It's hard to concentrate when you feel like your head is floating three feet above your body. Can you say drama queen? I can.

I'm really regretting not getting that free flu shot my doctor offered me, thinking my superior genes and healthy lifestyle (haha, oh god seriously, ha) would fend off any flu-like symptoms. I must have forgotten about the 60+ filthy vermin (children) that filter through our office each and every day. Stupid, dirty kids. I hate you. Just kidding. Mostly.

Luckily, I had today off of work. So, now I can spend the day braless and in my pajamas, lying on the couch watching TiVo and Love, Actually (what, it's Christmas) which, really, is probably what I would have done anyway. Only now I don't have to feel bad about spending my day off as a useless blob on the couch, because I'm a snotty blob and who wants to see that?

*No, don't, between gifts from Heidi's mom and my mom, we have 70,000 cookies in our apartment right now

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