Thursday, February 12, 2004

Erin and I watched the ADHD kids again tonight. They were way more cracked out this time than they were last time, most likely because while last time we took them over to the church across the street, this time we were all cramped in this tiny little playroom. You can't put that many kids in one small room without there being serious consequences. Especially ADHD kids. Yikes.

One little boy, Austin, who was probably about 3, came up to me at one point and told me he had to go "pee poop." I tried really, really hard not to laugh, and I was almost successful. I don't think you're allowed to have kids until you can hear words like booger, poop, and weiner without giggling. Once when I was babysitting one of my cousins, he started cursing at the toys he was playing with and he caught me laughing at him. He, of course, interpreted this to mean he should keep saying cuss words. I, of course, kept laughing which caused him to keep cursing. It was a vicious cycle.

There's also this red-headed kid named Glen. Of course, the first night we watched the kids he told us his name was "Howard." Why? I have no idea. Wouldn't you think he'd of come up with a more creative fake name? At least the kid in Big Daddy named himself "Frankenstein."

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