Sunday, February 22, 2004

I've been totally useless today. Here's what I have accomplished: ate lunch, went tanning . . . yeah, that's it. I don't know how it's after 5 already. I haven't even showered yet. That's pathetic. Oh, and I've only been up for three hours.

Last night we went out for Stiffie's birthday, and it was so random but really fun. We started at McMurray's (at 7:30) for a party and I'll leave the details out for my parent's sake. After that, we went to the Phi Psi party, but there were so many people there that it got annoying and we left. Then we went to Heidi and Holly's because they were having a party. After a while, we went to Station because Nancy and her mom were there, but we got there too late and they were already gone. So we decided to go to McMurray's again, even though they were closing in about half an hour. After they kicked us out, we went back to Heidi and Holly's and I'm not sure what we did besides just sit on the couch and laugh a lot.

Finally, we came home and watched West Side Story (Tony, Tony, Tony!) and I fell asleep on the couch. Ok, passed out. Same difference.

So there goes that weekend. Next weekend should be exciting, because Katie Jo is coming to visit. Yay! And then the next weekend is spring break. Yay times two!

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