Monday, February 02, 2004

Why is everyone talking about this whole "wardrobe malfunction" during the halftime show yesterday? It's not like it's the first time people have ever seen Janet Jackson's boob.

I'm really tired. I mean . . . really. Tired. Really tired. I just got back from the Rocking Horse Center, but I didn't get to watch any ADHD kids today. Instead I had to help set up some new filing system. Talk about going from one extreme to the other. I think I prefer watching the kids, because at least they're exciting. The first week we did it, we played Mother, May I, Red Light Green Light, and Simon Says with the kids. It was awesome. And the funniest thing was when we were waiting for the parents to come get their kids. This little girl (Carrie) told us she was waiting for her mom to come out, and Erin said, "What about your dad?" And Carrie yells, "He's in jail!"

Yeah Springfield.

We found out later that a couple of the boys had blocked up the toilets with toilet paper in the boys bathroom. Don't ask me how we're supposed to stop this from happening again.

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