Wednesday, February 11, 2004

John Mayer was delivered to my house a few days ago. Not the real John Mayer, unfortunately, but a poster of him playing the guitar. I heart it. I have it hanging on my door and so I can look at it while I'm doing homework or, you know, pretending to do homework so I can stare at John Mayer.

I really need to put gas in my car. I was praying that it would make it from home to school on Sunday. I could have easily stopped at one of the many gas stations I passed to fill up the tank, but I really wanted to get back to school to watch the Grammy's. That's sad, I know. But now I'm afraid that if it gets really cold again the little bit of gas left in my car will have frozen and then I'll be screwed.

Hi, Dad! Don't worry, I'm getting gas today. I take good care of my car, see? I even checked the oil the other day. And, you know, maybe when I go to the gas station I'll check the air in my tires with that nifty pressure gauge thingy you gave me.

Only 24 more days til Spring Break! I think I'm going to start tanning soon, so I don't look like a lobster after one day in the Caribbean sun. I love tanning, because for ten to 15 minutes I can pretend I'm lying on the beach somewhere warm and sunny. Of course, then the machine turns off and I have to reenter the cold, slushy world of Springfield, Ohio. Yee. Haw.

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