Wednesday, April 14, 2004

It's so nice outside, I feel like I may no longer be in Ohio. Someone told me it's supposed to be 70 on Saturday, so hopefully it won't rain either because formal is that day. Ok, Mother Nature, work with us here.

Sometimes I wish I could tape record my thoughts on the way to class. Except that would probably scare people, especially when the thoughts go something like this, "Hey, do I know that girl? She kind of looks like Katie, no, that's not Katie, is that the girl from my spanish class? No, ooh, I know, it's that Dana girl who let us drink on her porch that one time even though we'd never met her before . . . oh wait, that's not her either. Great, now this girl that I don't know thinks I'm really weird because I'm staring at her like I know her and I even raised my hand a little bit to wave, but maybe I played it off like I was just scratching my shoulder, yeah, I think it's ok, thank god everyone on this campus says hi to each other whether they know the person or not or everyone would think I'm a psycho. Or maybe they DO think I'm a psycho, and when I walk by they smile and say hi so I don't go crazy and push them down one of the ginormous hills on campus. That can't be it. They wouldn't think I'm a psycho unless they actually knew me."

Ok, I'll stop now. I'm going formal dress shopping later tonight, and hopefully it won't take too long because I still have my thesis to work on. I defend it next Tuesday, and that sounds really far away but I keep forgetting that I still have quite a bit of work to do. And Saturday is pretty much shot because of formal.

Today in class we were talking about this poem called "Para Teresa" and every time someone said "Teresa" (say it like you're from Spain, it sounds funny, I swear) I wanted to laugh and yell "Mi hija" (sounds like miha) but then I realized no one would get the joke except Stiffie (who wasn't there). So I explained it to Mary, who thought it was funny, so we spent the rest of the time whispering "Teresa!" and "Mihija!" to one another and giggling until the professor glared and shushed us.

The fact that the entire joke comes from Passions is just sad.

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