Friday, April 09, 2004

I'm in Kettering for the weekend. Yay! I love coming home, if only for the simple reason that I can pretend I am responsibility free for a while. Which is really far from the truth at the moment, but it's still fun to pretend.

Last night, I took Ripley (our dog) for a walk. I took her up by my old middle school. It's so odd to walk around that campus (and it really is a campus, the junior high I went to used to be a high school, so it was very large). I love walking around my neighborhood, though. At the baseball field, I saw these four middle-aged guys "playing" baseball. They looked like they were trying to be really good, but it just wasn't working. Someone would actually hit the ball, and the guy in the field would run really fast and like, dive for the ball and then miss it. I tried really hard not to laugh. Oops.

I feel really lazy right now, because my parents are outside doing yardwork. I think if I went out there, though, I'd just be in the way. And Ripley already has that job.

There's the cutest beagle puppy next door. She hardly ever barks, and she has these big, floppy ears. I want to steal her, but I won't. Probably.

Survivor and The Apprentice were so good last night. I wasn't really surprised that Bill and Kwame were the final two on the Apprentice, but I'm glad it was them. Nick is all smarmy and Amy had started to get really annoying, which sucked because I liked her initially. I hope Kwame wins. Just because his name is so cool. And he's cute. And, you know, he went to Harvard.

Ok, I'm either going to go work on my thesis or read some more of Angels (I wrote "angles" at first, haha) and Demons. Hmm.

PS, does anyone else think Condaleeza Rice has weird looking teeth?

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