Friday, April 16, 2004

run, kitty, run

Ok, so I was putting something off because I thought it was going to take a long time, but I just did it and it took like 5 minutes. I'm so dumb.

The weather has turned so nice. All I want to do is sit outside on the back porch. Yesterday when we were outside Lampl had her cat (Kitty) on a leash. It didn't like it, so it pulled and the collar came off and Kitty ran away. It was so funny, cause he ran straight to this tree and jumped on it, just like one of those stupid Garfield dolls people put in their car windows.

Speaking of cats, yesterday we saw a pregnant cat outside the Gamma Phi house. It (I guess I should say "she") was so fat, she looked like she swallowed a bowling ball. And she kept lying on her side and sticking her leg up in the air, like she was trying to scratch her head but she couldn't reach.

Last night, we saw Preggy again outside of our apartment. She crawled down into the little ditch by our basement window and we were afraid she was going to go into labor (or "give kittens" as Erica put it) but I think she was just sleeping. Which is good, because what the hell would we have done with all these little baby kitties on our porch?