Monday, April 19, 2004

study of procrastination

Well, I've been in Hollenbeck for an hour working on my thesis. So far, all I've really done is read what I have and add a couple of things. Granted, that's 8 pages, so it takes a while to revise it, but I feel like I should be getting a little more done. Of course, the fact that Kate and I are sitting together is probably not helping. But it's fun.

Actually, here's pretty much a rundown of how I've been procrastinating.

Signed on to AIM. Checked everyone's away messages. Twice. IMed Kate even though she was sitting right next to me.

Checked email.

Went to the Ugly People Suck page. Also known as The Official Webpage for Slackers.

Looked at formal pictures with Kate. There were over 200 of them.

Checked my email again.

Opened the file for my thesis.

Put comments on my own blog like a tool.

Looked people up on stalkernet.

Talk to my friend Stephanie.

Started to read my paper.

Read The Torch instead.

Read some more of my paper.

Edited my AIM profile.

Checked everyone's away messages again.

Checked my email.

Read the rest of my paper.

Went to the bathroom. Walked up and down the hallway. Stopped at every professor's office door to read stuff they had posted.

Got a drink of water.

Checked email.

Wrote this.

I'm pathetic.