Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I wonder if professors ever get sick hearing the same excuses. I mean, how many times can they hear "my alarm didn't go off," or "I'm not feeling very well" before they stop believing it. Sometimes when I miss class I want to email my professor and tell them the real reason, even though "I stayed up til 4 AM watching I Love the 80s" probably isn't a viable excuse.

Seriously, though, I bet professors would like to hear the real reason students miss class. Or at least a really good made-up one. I'm sure they'd respect our honesty. Or creativity. So the next time you miss class, don't email your prof and say your grandma died (because, really, how many times in 4 years can she bite it . . . leave the poor woman alone). Use one of these excuses instead:

I'm sorry I missed class today:

I went to the bar last night instead of doing my homework.

Someone stole my bookbag, removed my notes and books, and filled the bag with peanut butter.

My dog ate my homework. And then died.

TBS was running a Saved by the Bell marathon and I believe Screech may be my soulmate.

I was watching Dawson's Creek and became overcome by emotion while watching the Joey/Dawson/Pacey drama unfold.

My friend bought a bootleg copy of Return of the King and I stayed up all night watching it.

I went and saw Dawn of the Dead and was too afraid to sleep. Instead I spent the night nailing the doors and windows shut and gathering weapons to kick some undead ass.

Bad seafood. Enough said.

im stlil drnk froom last nitee

I did all of my homework last night, went to bed at a reasonable hour, but when my alarm went off (at the correct time this morning) I couldn't bring myself to get out of my warm, fluffy, comfortable bed. Sorry.

And before anyone gets scared, I've never missed class for any of the above reasons.

Except maybe the last one.

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