Sunday, April 04, 2004

We just got back from visiting Stiffie's sister (Theresa, aka "Miha!") at IU. We were listening to this one radio station on the way back, and they played four awesome songs in a row. Boys (Boyz?) to Men's, "I'll Make Love to You," (which I still know all the words to), that Michael Bolton "how am I supposed to live without you" song, Faith Hill's, "The Way You Love Me," and finally Karen Carpenter singing "Don't you remember you told me you love me, baby," which always reminds me of that part in Tommy Boy where Chris Farley and David Spade sing it and are crying and then the hood of the car flies up and then they almost die and then David Spade hits Chris Farley with a piece of wood because he called him Papa Smurf. Awesome.

We got to IU Friday evening, ate dinner, and then went searching for cold beer, which we never found. We did, however, find Major Peters' Bloody Mary Mix, and Mount Gay Rum. Teehee. Major Peters.

Friday night we went to some bar (I don't remember the name of it) and played "Sink the Biz" which is AWESOME. Basically, you fill a small bucket full of beer and float a glass in it. Then, people take turns pouring their own beer into the floating cup. Whoever makes the cup sink has to drink it. Simple, but fun. When we were done, Beau and Randy drank the beer in the bucket. Scary. But funny.

Then we went to The Upstairs Pub for a while, and we met these two guys who knew someone who goes to Wittenberg. I always think it's so weird to meet people like that, because most people don't even know Wittenberg exists. When we got back to Theresa's house, someone put in this pirate movie from like 1981, but since it wasn't Pirates of the Caribbean and the pirates in this movie were singing and dancing, I quickly lost interest.

Yesterday, we went to Starbucks (mmm), and then Theresa drove us around and showed us stuff on campus. Later, we went to this Japanese restaurant called Domo. I've decided that I need to buy some chopsticks to use at home. It would make eating salad or Easy Mac MUCH more fun.

After dinner, we went to watch Theresa in a Tae Kwon Do demonstration. It was really cool, but after watching Theresa and Randy break boards I'm a little afraid of both of them.

Last night we saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which was so good. It was really weird, and I'd like to watch it again, but I really enjoyed the whole thing. Kate Winslet is awesome; why has she never won an Oscar? (She hasn't, has she?)

We also went to this animal shelter yesterday, and the animals were cute and all, but I wanted to cry because there were so many of them. Most of the dogs were adorable, except this one Satan dog that was instigating all the other dogs and throwing his food dish around. He was evil. There was one dog named Smokey (I think) that I would have taken home in a second. He was so calm and just stood there wagging his tail. Pretty, pretty doggie. Soooooo pretty.

Leave me alone. I didn't sleep much this weekend.

The rough draft of my thesis is due on Tuesday, so I need to write at least 7 or 8 pages of it, which means I should probably stop writing in here and start working on that, but I REALLY don't want to.

Yay. Thesis. Whoo freaking hoo.

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