Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I knew it was a mistake to buy Angels and Demons yesterday. I finished The Da Vinci Code a few weeks ago (in like 4 days, no less) and I figured this one would be equally impossible to put down. Picture me, standing in the book aisle of Meijer (I'd gone in for the sole purpose of buying a loofa, oops), holding the book in my hand.

Devil!Jennie: Go ahead. Buy it. You know you want to.

Angel!Jennie: Don't do it. You still have a book to read for your thesis.

Devil!Jennie: Who cares? You can still buy this book so you have it to read after your thesis book.

Angel!Jennie: Jennie, you know that's not what will happen. You'll buy this book, swear not to read it, and then start reading it the minute you get home.

Jennie: She has a point.

Devil!Jennie: Don't listen to that goody-two-shoes-always-do-your-homework-on-time loser. Buy the book. Now.

Jennie: She has a point, too.

Angel!Jennie: What about your thesis?

Jennie: Well, I'll read the book for my thesis first and when I'm done, I'll have this book to read. It'll be fine.

Angel!Jennie: And you're sure you won't read this book before finishing your thesis?

Jennie: Of course. It's not like I have no willpower.

Devil!Jennie: Mwaahaahaa.

Jennie: What are you laughing at?

Devil!Jennie: Nothing.

Jennie: Ooh, I've been wanting to get this book, too. One more won't hurt, right?

Devil!Jennie: Of course not.

Angel!Jennie: Sigh.

Then I get home, take the books out of the bag and proceed to immediately start reading Angels and Demons. Which is, of course, impossible to put down. Crap.

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