Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I just got back from my senior sem class. That's the class I was writing my thesis for all day yesterday. I don't feel so bad anymore about being behind, because it seems like everyone is behind. But I've got the majority of it written, I just need to, you know, finish it. I'm really nervous about having to defend it in front of three professors, though. Basically, we go into a room with three english profs, read them our entire paper, and then they ask us a bunch of questions to make sure we actually know what we're talking about. And that scares me, because I feel like the majority of what I've written is complete bullshit. And that could be hard to defend.

One thing I'm kind of excited for is our Creative Writing Readings. They're doing something different this year, and holding it in Wally's. And even though Wally's doesn't sell alcohol anymore, the English department might buy some and bring it in so more people come to the reading. Which is kind of sad, but apparently it's more fun to hear people read their short stories and poetry with a slight buzz. I guess that makes sense. I think it'd be funny if someone got really drunk before they had to read their story, and then they like fell down or threw up on the stage or something. Heh. As long as it's not me, of course.

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