Monday, April 05, 2004

Study break time! Yay! I'm halfway done with my rough draft. Kind of. Not really, but I figured I'd only turn 5 - 7 pages in for a rough draft and I have 4 done, so actually I'm MORE than half done.

I think I spend more time figuring out how much more I have to write than actually writing. And of course now I'm talking to Kate and Stephanie on IM so that's not helping.

Kate and I are getting ready to go to Taco Bell. Because everyone knows that Taco Bell is the best study break food. Duh.

I wish it was last week, because if it was last week I'd be at the bar celebrating Lampl's birthday for the first time.

Hee, I'm watching Inferno and Coral and Julie just got in a fight. I don't really like either of them, but I hope Coral kicks Julie's ass.

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