Thursday, April 15, 2004

It's either a miracle or hell just froze over. I was just sitting here, checking my mail, when I decided to open the file for my thesis and work on it for a bit. And whoa. I wrote a whole page in just ten mintues. Ten minutes. Sure, a lot of it is crap and I'll probably have to take it out later, but the point is, after all the procrastinating I've done, all the time I've wasted "working" on this paper, and it's not even that hard. Or time-consuming.

I say that now. Once I start having to move things around so the paper makes some kind of sense I'm sure I'll be at the point where I want to gouge my out my eyes and throw my computer and myself out the window.

That won't be til like Sunday, though. So if you happen to be walking by our apartment, I wouldn't walk under my window.

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