Tuesday, September 14, 2004


DISCLAIMER: Author has written the following after few hours of sleep and half a pot of coffee.

I was going to go to bed at a decent hour last night, but I started to read Alice Sebold's Lucky. It's a memoir about the time she was raped her freshman year at Syracuse. I read about half of it last night before finally passing out, but this book is amazing. She is raped in pretty much the most brutal way you can imagine, and she tells it with some pretty vivid details. Parts of it are really hard to read. I think rapists should have to read the first chapter (where she outlines her rape) over and over. I just cannot express how affecting this book is.

I hope I have time between my classes today to read it because I really want to finish it today. I should have known not to start it until I had time to read it all the way through, because the same thing happened when I read The Lovely Bones (also by Sebold). I got it as a gift on Christmas Day, and I finished it around 4 AM the next morning.

People talk about what a bitch nicotine or caffeine addiction is, but I really think I'm addicted to reading. I know I shouldn't read for hours on end. It's bad for my eyes and I really should be asleep by 2 AM, but I can't help myself.

If books were a drug, I'd smoke them.

If they were a drink, I'd do shots of them.

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