Sunday, September 05, 2004

debbie downer

E! (Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!) was having an SNL marathon last night, and they were all political based. I decided to watch it, never being one to miss something that makes fun of Dubya.

Here's one small reason I hope Bush loses this election: nobody can play him like Will Ferrell. There's a new guy who does him (I can't remember his name) but it's just not the same. Will Ferrell was just too funny. If he loses, then they won't have to imitate him every week. I guess there's one bright side to Bush winning (the only bright side). If he wins, maybe they'll talk Will Ferrell into guesting on SNL so he can lambaste the president one more time.

Although, Bush doesn't have to win for that to happen, so let's go with this scenario. They'd announce that Kerry won the election, but Bush would get up and act like he won. It'd be just like Zoolander, when Hansel wins Best Male Model, but Derek gets confused and goes to the stage to make his acceptance speech.

Lindsay Lohan hosted one of the episodes last night, and they did a sketch where Rachel Dratch plays Debbie Downer. Everyone is having a great time at Disney World (although, I'm still not sure how that's possible) but Debbie keeps bringing everyone down.

The best thing about this sketch is that everyone in it completely loses it and starts laughing. Some of them hid it pretty well (Amy Poehler) but most of them were just completely laughing (Lindsay Lohan, Jimmy Fallon). It was so funny.

I think there's a fine line when that kind of thing happens. Sometimes it's annoying, especially when it happens with the same cast members on a regular basis. Jimmy Fallon, Horatio Sanz, I'm looking at you. But at times like that, it's funnier than if they had run through the sketch perfectly.

There was one sketch a few years ago when Julianna Marguiles hosted. She was at dinner with her new boyfriend, Chris Parnell. Ana Gasteyer and Will Ferrell played Parnell's parents, and Chris Kattan played his little brother. The sketch starts out fine, but then Ferrell starts chewing some food and he spits it in Parnell's mouth, like a mother and baby bird. I don't think I've ever experienced that strange mixture of laughter, fascination, and absolute horror before, especially when they just kept doing it! I'm not surprised that they all lost it and started laughing, because how could you not? That was another one of those situations where it worked out that everyone cracked up. I think Will Ferrell is responsible for a lot of those moments.

I felt bad for Rachel Dratch, though, because here she is trying to be Debbie Downer, all pessimistic and depressed and she can't stop cracking up.

They kept doing close-ups on her face whenever she said something depressing, and her expression was priceless.

Seriously. Check it out.

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