Wednesday, September 29, 2004

catty, party of 7, your table is ready

I just watched The Apprentice. Wow. I have never seen a bigger group of catty, immature women in my life. And I was in a sorority (I kid, I kid, we'll get into what I think of the "sorority girl" stereotype another day). They are like girls who never matured past junior high. They're horrible! They had a pretty simple task tonight; to set up a restaurant. A lot of work, but not brain surgery, right? Too bad they'd rather fight with each other and look for a scapegoat in case they lose rather than concentrate on winning the task. No, that would make too much sense!

I'm with Carolyn, who said she was embarrassed by them. They are making women look so bad. Did the producers do this on purpose? Did they try to find the most juvenile women in the US? The only woman on the show that doesn't make me want to stab myself in the eye is Pamela, and she's on the men's team. I think Ivana is batshit crazy, Stacy is an angry little munchkin, Elizabeth is whiny, Jen (who got fired tonight) is a loud-mouth, know-it-all, Jennifer is condescending, Sandy is two-faced, and Maria . . . oh, she just grates. Every time she opens her mouth I want to kick her in the shin.

I hope they all get fired so the men have more airtime, because John is just plain hot.

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