Wednesday, September 08, 2004

back off, summer

Today was the first day that it felt like fall. Not one of those beautiful, autumn days where the sun makes the changing leaves even brighter and the air is crisp, but one of those dreary fall days, with the cool air and the even cooler wind.

I took my dog for a walk around 8 tonight, thinking I still had a bit of daylight. Not so much. The days have gotten shorter than I thought. I took her up to the area by our house, with the pond, the park, and the track where they play peewee football.

Soon the area was deserted. The sky was a dark gray, wind had gotten chillier and was blowing stray leaves across the path in front of me. Suddenly it's fall. It's Halloween and I'm 9 again, running from house to house and tripping over my costume. It's the night of our first track meet in 10th grade, the night Jeremy wore those navy blue knee socks and when he ran the 400 it looked like his legs were cut off at the knee. It's football games, my favorite purple sweater, pumpkin carving, the first wild party of the year, and running home, laughing, from the bar because suddenly it's too cold for short sleeves.

For a few days, anyway, until the warm weather returns for one last fling

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