Thursday, September 16, 2004

you're fired because you're a complete dumbass

I have a total girl crush on Carolyn from The Apprentice. She completely ripped into the women (and Bradford) tonight for blowing their mission. It was awesome. And then Bradford got fired because he's a freaking moron. He was exempt from being fired, but he offered to give up his immunity because he's a cocky bastard and he figured he wouldn't get fired and it'd make him look really awesome and noble. Not so much. You're fired, bitch.

I'm so glad he got fired. Every time he was onscreen, he always had this surprised look on his face and I just wanted to poke him in his non-blinking eyes. Plus, he used the word "boobies" on the show tonight. Who says that? I mean, besides 10-year-olds. Who, according to Carolyn, would have done a better job selling ice cream than the women did.

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