Saturday, March 05, 2005

circa 1985

We got our uniforms at work. They're not so much uniforms as the same set of clothing that we all have to wear on the same days so we match. You know. Uniforms. Did you ever noticed that uniforms is one of those words that sounds really weird if you keep repeating it. Uniform. Uni. Form. U. Niform. Uniform. It also rhymes with unicorn, but I'm not sure that means anything.

Anyway. The shirt part of the uniform is fine. We just got regular three-quarter sleeve shirts with collars from Lands End in different colors. And the colors are so pretty. I love them.

But the pants. Yeah. Um. They're white. With elastic at the top. And they're quite see-through. I had to go to Target yesterday to buy white underwear because I realized I only had about one pair. Is that weird? Almost all of my underwear is from Victoria's Secret and it's all sorts of different colors. Does that make me some kind of whore?

Oh well. It's white, cotton panties (I hate the word panties) all the way now.

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