Wednesday, March 30, 2005

sunny, partly cloudy

This morning when I left for work, I was pleasantly surprised to walk outside and realize I didn't need a jacket. It was 50 degrees, but the sun made it feel warmer.

What is it about nice days like this that make me feel so nostalgic? And not in the sad, pouty way that rainy days do. Driving to work, my arm hanging out the open window, I was suddenly back in high school. Those last few weeks of senior year went by so fast. At times that was good, but there were some moments I wanted to stretch out forever. Like rides home from school with my friend Sarah. Windows down. Blink 182 blasting on the car stereo. Sitting in English with the horrid Mrs. Myers, staring out the window, knowing that I was almost done, almost free, almost ready to GET GOING already.

Something about this morning just brought back that old excitement. The weather is exactly the way it was junior year of college, the day Mary, Erin, Kate, and I left for Spring Break. We all rushed through midterms and sat through tedious classes held by professors who just didn't want to give us the pleasure of leaving for Spring Break early. We all met at Kate's car at 2, suitcases in hand, ready to hit the road. It took us approximately .25 seconds to pack the car, put the "Get the Hell Out of Ohio" CD mix I'd made into the CD player, and squeal out of campus for a week of camping and exploring in Fort Myers. We tried out 4 or 5 different beaches, went to Sanibel, ate at the Mucky Duck, got stuck in many, many traffic jams, went to the nature reserve with the funny name that now I can't even remember the name of, and even though we probably spent more time in Kate's car than at the actual beach, I couldn't imagine having had a better time.

I'd give anything to take that trip again. Now, Erin is in New York, Mary's in Brazil, and Kate is in soon to be in Malawi with the Peace Corps for THREE YEARS (lalala, I'm not listening).

I know the chances of us taking another trip like that any time soon are unlikely. But on a day like today, anything feels possible.

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