Wednesday, February 23, 2005

budget is a four letter word

I feel like I haven't posted anything in a while, at least anything relevant. Nothing is really going on in my life. Mostly work. And work. This weekend should be fun, though, because we're celebrating the Birth of Stiffie. Crazy times will be had by all.

So, I've been looking for an apartment. Not seriously looking or anything, because I can't really afford to move out yet, but I got one of those Apartment Guide magazines and have been having fantasies revolving around spacious living rooms, lots of counter space, and new, NEW!, appliances. I have found SOME prospects, I suppose, but this whole being an adult thing is not as fun as I thought it'd be. You mean I have to budget my money? I can't spend my whole paycheck on alcohol and shoes? That's crazy talk!

The other day, I got my oil changed and a new air filter and NO ONE had to tell me to do it. I noticed that I was (way) past due for an oil change so I WENT TO JIFFY LUBE BY MYSELF and got it done.

I'm getting a haircut on Friday and THANK GOD. Lately, I've just held my head upside down while I blowdry my hair and hoped for the best. It does NOT look good. I keep saying I'm going to let me* hair get longer, but I'll probably go in on Friday and tell them to cut off like 12 inches. You know, if there were 12 inches to cut off. There's not. Maybe 6, at the most.

Why am I still typing? This is the most pointless entry I've ever written. I apologize. Maybe sometime soon I'll have something interesting to write about. One day, you'll click over to this website and the subject line will be "PREGNANCY SCARE 2005" or "SEARCH FOR THE PERFECT APARTMENT COMPLETE" or maybe even "HOW I ENDED UP IN A MEXICAN JAIL WITH AMNESIA," but really if that happens I probably won't even remember I have this blog so don't really expect that last one.

*I was going to fix this typo ("me" should be "my") but I kind of like it how it is. It makes me sound like a pirate.

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