Tuesday, February 15, 2005

exposing myself

Today was a great day and I'm giving all the credit to the weather. It was sunny and warm with a slight breeze. Beautiful! It just put me in a good mood because the weather has been so craptastic lately.

Also, the phones weren't broken. And it wasn't my fault. Whew.

And my boss said they need to clone me and THEN gave me a high five, which makes me feel good because I feel like I do/say something stupid whenever he's around. I'm just glad I've passed the point where I feel frozen in fear whenever a patient asks me a question or the phone rings. I'm also feeling much more comfortable around the other people that work there, to the point where I can joke around with them. And thank god, because without sarcastic comments or stupid jokes, I probably wouldn't talk at all.

After the doctor made the comment about needing to clone me he said, "I guess you need to talk to George W. Bush about that," and before I could stop my big, liberal mouth I said, "Do I have to?"

It's OK, though, because they both laughed. It's not like I could have hidden my liberal tendencies for long anyway, because I have a W sticker with a big no sign through it on one of my car windows, and my John Kerry sign is still sitting on the ledge by the back windshield. Besides, one of the other workers there has a Bush/Cheney sticker, so I have to balance out the parking lot.

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