Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The deal is, this is kind of my last hurrah, because I made a New Year's Resolution that I'm not going to drink anymore . . . during the week.

I'm serious about The Office quotes, people. I'm going to keep titling my entries with them until . . . um, I don't know. Until my dad admits that The Office is awesome! So, yeah. Prepare to have them around for a long, loooooong time.

The countdown to the move is infiltrating everything I do. Two more nights of sleeping in my apartment. Two more showers. Two more dinners (if you call a turkey sandwich and a container of yogurt dinner, that is). Two more pots of coffee. One episode of Alias. One rerun of The Office (shut up). Four Phoebe-feedings. Five more drives to and from work. No more drinks.

Best of all? Only two more nights of sleeping with the windows closed. Two more nights of obsessively checking the locks on the front and patio doors. I'm so glad the new apartment is on the second floor and I can sleep with the windows open. I love sleeping with the windows open. Also, that means we have a balcony and balconies are fun to throw stuff off of. Not that I would ever condone that sort of behavior. Besides, you really need to be on a very high floor to make throwing things out of the window interesting. Say you're throwing Peeps out the window at innocent passersby, or unrolling a roll of toilet paper to see if it'll make it to the ground . . . the 10th floor of your dorm is really the lowest you want to be. Again. Not that I condone (or have ever been a part of OR have ever been the instigator of) that sort of behavior. Hee.

This week is going veeeeeeeery slowly and I'm sure it's because I'm sick of having all of my stuff tucked away from me inside of boxes I forgot to label. I was not thinking (me?) and packed all of my books and most of my DVDs so, besides cleaning and packing, I don't have much to entertain myself. Luckily, I have some (overdue) books from the library so I'm not completely without reading material. Which is good because when I'm without reading material, little pieces of my brain explode out of my ears and, aside from not being very pleasant or pretty, there aren't many pieces of my brain left after all the hard drinking that I can afford to lose.

Yeah. That seems like as good a place as any to end this.

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