Friday, April 28, 2006

But I did not become a Lackawanna County volunteer sheriff's deputy so that I could make friends. And by the way. I haven't.

So let me tell you why I have the best roommate ever. First of all, she ordered the phone and the Internets, probably after figuring out that if I was in charge of it I would procrastinate and not order it until December or something IF SHE WAS LUCKY. Thanks to her, we will soon have the power of DSL, meaning we can stay online ALL THE TIME which is exactly what God and Mother Nature intended.

Also? Since her birthday was Tuesday and mine is today, we've accumulated quite a few sugary treats, which is why last night the majority of our dinner consisted of cheesecake and cupcakes. That is why being an adult is awesome . . . you can make salsa and chips your appetizer, chocolate cheesecake your entree, and a cupcake your dessert and when you feel like vomiting all over the floor later you have only yourself to blame.

And finally, her birthday present to me? FIRST OF ALL, she got me the Walk the Line soundtrack AND some pretty sweet pants from Target (aka the love of my life). But best of all, she got me a Dora the Explorer action figure, complete with purple backpack and tiny, brown dog. So now I can walk around with it, shove it in people's faces and say, "Hola! Me llamo Dora! Como esta? Ayudame! Tengo un gato en mis pantalones!" and the like. Gracias, amiga.

Also, she watches The Office with me and laughs at all the right parts. What more could you ask for in a roommate?

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