Friday, April 07, 2006

my life could use more French guys, I think

Last night I had a dream about some French guy who robbed my dad's hardware store. My dad does not have a hardware store, although I imagine that he'd like to. Frenchie had a goatee and a red sweater and was shorter than I am, which is pretty short for a guy. I mean, I think even tiny, crazy Tom Cruise is taller than I am. By like an inch. Ha. You know why he's crazy? Everyone has some amount of crazy in them, but because he is so short his crazy is more concentrated. Also, something is wrong with his brain. Trust me. It's science.

Anyway. Since I'm moving in two weeks (eek!) last night when I got home from work I decided to pull all of the boxes out of the storage unit on my porch. Because last time I moved I was smart enough to keep all the boxes I'd used to move. Also, the storage unit was closer than the dumpster. Retrieving these boxes turned out to be a bigger ordeal than I'd thought it'd be. You know why? Because my storage unit is outside, it had become the home to several varieties of spiders, some dead but others that were really, really alive and spidery. So, armed with a broom, I proceeded to pull out the boxes one by one, sweeping off arachnids as they appeared. Luckily, I'm not afraid of spiders (only giant, killer crickets oh, and bats) so, while the ordeal was long and arduous, I was not permanately traumatized. And I feel my karma is still intact, because I didn't kill any of the spiders, I just brushed them off of the boxes into various corners of the storage unit. The next tenant can deal with them.

AND THEN I made an actual dinner. I marinated some chicken and then I cooked it and rice and vegetables and it was like a real meal! And I didn't set anything on fire! Or get salmonella! Of course, I didn't eat at the dining room table, instead I balanced the plate precariously on my knees while I watched a movie. It's a lot easier to balance a turkey sandwich and some pretzels than it is a plate full of chicken and rice. I'm hoping that once I have a roommate, the dining room table will be used for more than laundry and mail storage. I think it gets lonely.

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