Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Of course martial arts training is relevant. Uh excuse me, I know about a billion Asians who would beg to differ!

Ok, I know I'm kind of distracted with the upcoming move and all, but this morning I walked out of my apartment without my glasses and didn't notice until I was pulling out of the parking lot thinking, "why is everything so blurry today?" Maybe you're thinking that I usually wear my contacts and THAT'S why I forgot my glasses, but you're wrong. Sorry. I put my glasses on, go to work, take them off and then put them back on when it's time to leave. This morning I was just, I don't know, more retarded than usual.

You know, I really can't understand how my parents and I have such differing views on important things. I'm not talking about politics this time, although SPEAKING of politics, last night I had a dream that GWB called me and told me he'd been reading my blog and wanted to come talk to me. So we were supposed to meet at Target (?) and I totally stood him up.

The word you're looking for is . . . ANYWAY. Politics aside, my parents and I also have very different views about TELEVISION (obviously, way more important than politics). Namely, what we think is funny. They hate my favorite shows. The Office. Scrubs. Arrested Development (blasphemy). Instead, they watch Freddie. According to Jim. Two and a Half Men. KING OF QUEENS. Shows I would rather blow my brains out than watch. I'm not exaggerating. Have you seen any of Freddie? Blowing my brains out is a welcome alternative to watching Freddie Prinze, Jr. try to be funny.

I know I'm taking it too seriously. I take personal offense when someone says they don't like The Office. I REALLY DO. Because, hello! It is hilarious.

Ok. I guess I can see why someone might not like a show like Scrubs or The Office. I mean, there's no one telling you when it's time to laugh! Oh no! I can see how that would be confusing after so many years of laugh-track conditioning.

Or, maybe I'm just a TV snob (most likely). But I'm OK with that.

Wow. This was like the laziest post ever. Blah, blah, my life is boring. Dr. McDreamy. Oh, did anyone watch that new What about Brian show? I was all set to hate it, because it was on during Grey's Anatomy time on Sunday (talk about blasphemy) and because it stars that douchebag from 7th Heaven (the douchiest show ever made), but I watched it and actually thought it wasn't bad. That doesn't mean I'm going to start watching According to Jim, though, so just stop that train of thought RIGHT THERE.

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