Sunday, April 16, 2006

You can't fire me, I don't work in this van!

I think I'm going to try to start titling all of my entries with quotes from The Office. Not for any real reason. Just because I think they're funny and my main goal in life is to keep myself entertained so . . . there you have it. Also, if I start titling my entries with The Office quotes, it won't matter that the entire entry basically has nothing to do with the title or much of any point at all, really, anyway moving on.

I just realized that I completely wasted my last weekend of living on my own. I didn't bring any random guys home, or leave a chicken carcass in the bathtub, or set ANYTHING on fire. What a waste. OK, to be fair, I didn't do any of those things the whole time I lived here, except for the chicken carcass thing because, honestly, wtf are you supposed to do with a chicken carcass?

I was going to call my mom a little while ago to ask what time I should be home for dinner, but then I realized that they were all at church. Oops! This is the first time, like, ever that I haven't gone to church on Easter. My two days of church-going are usually Christmas Eve and Easter, but after years of babbling on and on about it being stupid to go to church two days a year blah blah hypocrite-pants, I finally listened to myself and stayed in bed this morning long after services started. It's nice and warm in hell, right? I hate snow. Anyway, I'm pretty excited about dinner, mostly because I'm trying not to go to the grocery until I move and I'm getting sick of eating turkey sandwiches. Not peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, though. I could never get sick of those, but I thought it would be unhealthy to eat them for every meal so I've been trying to ration them. OH, speaking of peanut butter and jelly!! Is anyone else excited about the possibility of a Big Brother: All Stars season this summer? Do you like how my brain went from peanut butter to Big Brother? It makes sense if you think about it. Anyway, mostly it just excites me because it means my reality TV boyfriend Kaysar might be back. Oh, Kaysar. I would still have about 10,000 of your babies.

Guys, I'm so sick of packing. Luckily, last night I ran out of boxes so I had a good excuse to sit on the sofa and watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind for, and I am not kidding you, the third time this weekend. I don't know what it is about that movie, but I could watch it over and over and oh wait, I totally did that yesterday.

I don't really need that many more boxes. Maybe two. I can't really pack anything else anyway, because I kind of need to use the rest of the stuff I didn't pack yet. I had a minor setback yesterday, when Tamara led me to this site and I spent about two hours unpacking the boxes of books (all five of them, sorry in advance to the people helping me move) and inputting ISBN numbers into the Library Thing system (that is my list of books, well, most of them . . . one box was too heavy for me to carry from the living room to my bedroom so it'll have to wait . . . again, sorry in advance to the people helping me move). Anyway, I'm sorry, but that is awesome. Online library. AWESOME. Nerd alert. I'm just glad I'm not the only person who would shoot books directly into her veins if it were possible. I think the only things keeping me sane throughout the packing process are my short (ok, hour-long) breaks to read About a Boy. Ok, and then watch the movie because, you know . . . Hugh Grant . . . yum.

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