Thursday, April 06, 2006

heh, Hurley said "doody"

Ok, I wasn't paying too much attention to The Amazing Race last night, because I was on the phone and also because I'm tired of watching The Quartet of Douchery trade first and second places back and forth, but did I catch Phil doing a little dance at the pit stop? If so, I'm sorry I wasn't paying more attention because I love when they let Phil show some personality instead of making him say "Blah and Bloo, you are team number one!" and so forth.

Also . . . Lost. Ok. I was starting to get really pissed off toward the middle of the episode, because I thought the big twist or reveal or whatever was just that Hurley's imaginary friend Dave wasn't real, which . . . DUH. And I was going to be really upset if I just sat through an hour of pointless retelling (we get it, Hurley was crazy and he likes food and as much as I like Hurley I am getting really, really tired of all the flashbacks) and that was the only payoff. I'm sorry, but if you didn't realize that Dave was imaginary before the doctor showed Hurley the picture he took I think I have earned the right to point at you and laugh. Ok? I think you'll agree that that is only fair. And the next time I do something worthy of pointing and laughing, feel free to return the favor. Wait five minutes, I'm sure I'll do something.

Anyway, that said, I was totally surprised when they revealed that Libby was formerly a crazy brunette in the nuthouse with Hurley. Ok, Lost, you got me. That doesn't mean I'm letting you off the hook, though. Seriously, with the flashbacks . . . enough. Remember last week when a whole bunch of stuff happened, with the big doors and the crushing of legs and the day-glo map on the wall? That was nice. You know, stuff can happen every week THROUGHOUT the entire show. ALSO, if Creepy McBugEyes is telling the truth and really didn't push the button and WE DIDN'T GET TO SEE IT, then we are going to have a problem. A problem that hugging it out won't fix.

I'm moving in two weeks and my goal tonight is to start packing. Or to put the stuff I want to take to Goodwill by the door in a big pile. Last weekend when I cleaned, I was ruthless when throwing things away, but there was some stuff that I couldn't in good conscious just throw away when I could give it to Goodwill so they can sell it for five cents or whatever.

I do have a question, though. I want to get my security deposit back because, hello, it's money. Does anyone have any advice on little things I may forget to do when moving out that they might use as grounds for keeping my money? I mean, I haven't punched holes in any of the walls or broken any windows, but like am I responsible for replacing the lightbulb in the fridge? You know, the one that has been burned out for months now? Do I have to clean the oven even though I hardly ever use it? I know I have to fill in the holes in the wall from where I hung pictures, but how well? If no one buys my stupid heavy couch can I cut it into pieces and throw the pieces all around the apartment?

I don't mean to be obsessive but I just really, really want that money.

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