Saturday, April 08, 2006

I think I just took my obsession to the next level

Yesterday, my boss told me to leave work early because it was actually warm and SUNNY at the same time and if you lived in Ohio right now you'd understand just how special that is. I decided to take my first trip out to Cox Arboretum without stopping at home to change, even though it was a bit too warm for the long-sleeved shirt I was wearing, because I was already wearing jeans and sneakers.

Instead of just walking around the ponds and whatnot on the clean, dry gravel paths, I decided to explore the hiking trails, mainly because I wanted to go to the bird blind. To get to the bird blind, you have to take the path through the prairie (there are no little houses, though) or thicket or whatever you call it. Did I mention it has rained a lot the past week? I think you know where I'm going with this.

After walking for a bit, I noticed it was getting muddier and muddier. In some instances, I could walk around the mud pretty easily but eventually I got to a place where I'd have to walk directly through it.

Now, it's times like this that I ask myself . . . "what would Elizabeth Bennet do?" I'll tell you what she'd do; she'd walk her ass straight through that mud puddle with a big smile on her face, paying no matter to her pretty little petticoats, and that is just what I did. Minus the petticoat because I wasn't wearing one of those and I'm not sure I know exactly what that is.

You may think it's odd that I ask myself what Elizabeth Bennet would do in situations such as these, but I highly recommend it. It's the go to question for all sorts of problems. Ask it yourself the next time someone is mean to you at a party, or you have to dance with someone you can't stand, or your mother embarrasses you in public, or you are proposed to by a toady, little man, or when your sister runs off with a complete scoundrel.

Seriously. WWEBD? I'm making bracelets.

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