Sunday, April 02, 2006

I totally just pulled my copy of Walden off the shelf . . .yes, I have a copy of Walden

I've had a really quiet and uneventful weekend, and it's been, well, kind of freaking awesome. Last night was like the saddest twenty-something Saturday night in the history of Saturday nights. I put my pajamas on at like . . . um, five o'clock, had pizza and a glass of wine for dinner, and planned on watching movies all night. I made it through a movie and a half before I decided that I just needed to go to bed. And the only reason I felt OK about going to bed at 11 o'clock on a Saturday night was that, because of daylight savings time, I got to set my clock ahead an hour and going to bed at midnight didn't seem quite as bad.

I think the highlight of my weekend (so far, I mean, because Grey's Anatomy hasn't been on yet of course) was getting a drunk dial from my friend Friday night. Usually I am on the other end of a drunk dial. You know, the end with the loud music and the beer and the yelling and laughing into the phone. But not this time. It was a nice change. And that the drunk dial was to tell me that the bar was playing Ring of Fire, my favorite song like EVER (honestly, the only reason I was excited that they made Walk the Line was because I wanted to hear Ring of Fire all loud in the theater . . . oh, and also, Joaquin Phoenix is hot), made it even better.

I have been sitting here at my computer for like an hour, drinking coffee and working up the motivation to start cleaning my apartment. It sounds like spring cleaning but it's not. I'm moving in about three weeks . . . did I mention this before? I can't remember. Anyway. I'm moving in with a friend and I'm pretty excited because we got a great (read: cheap) deal on a really nice (read: OH MY GOD YOU GUYS IT IS THE BEST APARTMENT EVER) apartment. An apartment that is next to Walden Pond, which . . . OK, you guys? Do you realize how excited I am to walk around that pond pretending I am Thoreau, only minus the penis and the jail time and the tuberculosis? I don't think anyone really gets just how excited I am about this, or they do and they are choosing to ignore it because, hello, it's really weird.

So, yeah, I'm going to straight up (now tell me) clean my apartment from top to bottom today, and throw a bunch of shit away and give even more shit to Goodwill. I don't know where to start, though. I have accumulated a lot of crap in the last year. Also, I'm really bad at throwing stuff away because I might need those four pieces of notebook paper at some point and also it is wasteful to throw away that bottle of lotion with three squirts left in it. There are children in AFRICA who will never know the pleasure of the Jergens original scent.

Hee, one of my Hoosier friends who recently moved to Ohio just called me to see what time it was. Oh, you crazy Hoosiers. It makes me giggle that you have finally succumbed to Daylight Savings Time. Mwaaahaaahaaaa!*

*Yes, I know the Spring DST, forward an hour so you lose an hour of sleeping or drinking depending on where you are, sucks ass, but the Fall one is awesome so just wait.

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