Sunday, May 07, 2006

I enjoy the tangy ziiip . . . of Miracle Whiiiip

Does your dad send you important information such as this? Until he does, he is not as cool as my dad. And no matter what your beliefs, I really think a Fraggle Rock movie is something we can all get behind. I'm a little confused about why the movie is taking place in space, because how are Marjorie the trash heap and her two little rats (names?) supposed to go to space? That is just illogical. You know. More illogical than the fact that she is a TALKING TRASH HEAP.

Ok, so last night my roommate went to her boyfriend's and I decided to stay in and do nothing. Well, I had planned on trying to get some stuff done around the apartment but all I really accomplished was hanging the clock on the wall. Which, to be fair, is a pretty big accomplishment because we were both getting tired of trying to figure out what time it was based on the positioning of the sun.

Once I had finished this great task, I ate dinner and watched some movies and then wrote a blog entry that I realized after I could never, ever, ever, never EVER post so that was a waste of 20 minutes. Of course, it's still sitting there in draft mode. And I drink a lot and we will soon have DSL which means it could accidentally get posted. So there's that.

I am about to share something that will make me seem sad and pathetic. Ok, several things. First of all? I watched The Wedding Planner last night. I KNOW. I need intervention or something. Then I watched The Village (not as sad) because I wanted to watch a movie that had Joaquin Phoenix in it and I had lent my copy of Walk the Line to a friend (ok, kind of sad and someone needs to take away all my Walk the Line related materials, because I'm pretty sure if my roommate hears me singing Jackson or Cry Cry Cry one more time she is going to move out or strangle me in my sleep). Then I tried to watch SNL. I fell asleep a couple of times and do you want to know why I just didn't get off the couch and go to bed? Because I was waiting for my laundry to get done in the dryer. Yes, not only could I not stay awake past midnight, I was doing LAUNDRY on a SATURDAY NIGHT. Someone needs to revoke my Fun Card.

And I'm pretty sure that one of the times I woke up during SNL, Tom Hanks was in a leather vest singing about testicles. Someone please tell me that this really happened because I really hope that is not something my brain came up with OTHERWISE I think I need to check myself into some sort of mental facility.

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