Wednesday, May 24, 2006

til I'm red in the face

You know what? It's really hard to put blush on when you're thinking about something you've done, and you're getting embarrassed all over again, and your face is turning beet red . . . oh wait, does this not happen to everyone?

I embarrass myself quite frequently and when this happens, my face turns red. Not as bad as that one girl who was on Grey's Anatomy that one time who blushed like crazy every time Dr. McDreamy talked to her (who wouldn't though?) but CLOSE. And when people start pointing out that my face is turning red? OH, it gets worse.

Monday night we went to our new favorite restaurant (mainly because of our waiter-crush on Hot Waiter). As we were waiting for a table, I leaned back against what I thought was a wall. A few seconds later, the wall gave way and I fell backwards (although not onto my ass, which would have been worse) into the men's room, almost knocking over the guy coming out. Who was probably confused as hell that some girl was suddenly falling into his arms. Whoops. Sometimes I think I'm living in a cartoon.

Yeah. The face was pretty red after that one, but at least it didn't happen in front of Hot Waiter. The other thing that's embarrassing me at the moment, well, that's the reason my face hasn't been too pale lately. But, thankfully, no one has been cruel enough to bring it up.

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